Rent Dress T&C

youswan.com is your wardrobe concept open for everyone to rent an occasion dress with no hesitate price and enjoy the delivery services.  Browse through our collection of latest trendy young style dresses and gowns today! 

1.  Rent a gown

1a. You, the Renter are entering into a Contract with your SWAN for the rental of our products. 

1b. These are the Terms & Conditions of the Contract. These and all relevant written correspondence relating to specific terms & conditions about the Contract, form the entire Contract between you and SWAN. Any other terms & conditions that you use yourself, do not apply.

1c. The Period of Rental begins immediately when the products are ready for you to collect at our premises or has been delivered to you. The Period of Rental ends when everything you have rented, is returned within acceptable conditions. 

Product Conditions:

2a. You are responsible for the products all the time they are not in our premises. You must take good care of the products and keep them in your possession throughout the Rental Period and any extension.

2b. You are liable for all loss or damage caused to the products in their full replacement cost or value whichever is the higher. You must tell us in writing of any loss of or damage to the products without delay and we will charge or forfeit the deposit on replacement or repair of the products. 

2c.  You may not alter or modify the products in any way.

2d.  If the Renter wishes to extend rental, the Renter must inform SWAN in advance and will be charged a daily fee prorated against the total rental fee of your dress. This is different from late charges of RM50 per day (for those that aren't informed upon the rental).

2e. You can only use our products for the specified production that you told us about.  You cannot use our products for any other business purpose without our prior written permission.  You cannot let anyone else use the products.

2f. You may not arrange cleaning yourself unless we have agreed this in writing.

2g. SWAN will use our best efforts to ensure the products are provided clean and in a wearable condition. The Renter must notify us of any damage or discrepancy (including but not limited to sizing and fit issues) within 24 hours of receiving the products. Failure to notify us within that time period means that you have accepted the products in the quantity, quality and condition in which they were received.

2h. If there are any changes to delivery and/or return address and/or methods and/or dates and/or timings, Renter must be notified before the original delivery and/or return date. The charges for last minute changes is as per below if without inform:

- Change in delivery and/or return address and/or methods and/or dates and/or timings: RM30

- Unable to return the dress on the original return date: RM50 per day

2i. Changes to order date:

Changes to delivery/order date is limited to a maximum of 1 time subject to the availability of the dress on the newly requested date, and inform before 48 hours before shipping date. 

3. Payment & Security Deposit:

3a. As well as the rental and other charges, the Renter will pay a security deposit of RM200 before the products leave our premises. Should there be anything else owed to us (e.g. extension of hire period, unpaid invoices or for damage to and replacement of products, late returns, etc.) Rent A Dress reserves the right to deduct from this deposit.

3b. If you do not provide us your bank details within 3 months of the return date, Rent A Dress reserves the right to convert the deposit paid to store credit.

3c. If "Bank Transfer" or "Bank Deposit" has been chosen as payment method, proof of payment that the rental amount plus shipping amount plus RM200 security deposit has be deposited to the SWAN bank account within 24 hours of the rental order must be provided to yourswan.com. SWAN reserves the right to cancel orders where the payment has not been made within 24 hours of the rental order.

3d. SWAN reserves the right to revise rental prices at the company's discretion. Orders placed before any rental price revision will not be affected.

3e. Duration of rental includes the day the dress is ready for delivery or self-pickup and the day the dress is due for return.

4. Cancellation, Refund and Order Revision Policy

4a. If you cancel the Contract with less than 24 hours notice given on the purchased date, you will need to pay a cancellation charge of RM50, which will be taken out from the rental price and any other costs minus any discounts given. The remainder will then be refunded via store credit refund. No cash refunds will be given.

4b. If you would like to change your dress:

- If the new dress is higher in price, the difference in price must be topped up
- If the new dress is lower in price, the difference in price will be considered null and void

4c. All changes are subject to availability of the new dress.

4d. No cash refunds will be given for the rental price minus any discounts given.

4e. Store credits issued is transferrable and can only be used in the same store that the original order was placed in